Our Champions

CH Risgae’s Doin’ What Comes Natrur’lly- (Lu2)
Lu2 is Wendan Bichons’ first champion and is the foundation bitch for our line.

AM GCH KOR GCH MBIS Wendan Out on Parole from MusicBox (AL)
AL is Wendan Bichons’ first home grown champion and what a champion he is!  Not only did he reach Grand Champion level in the United States, he accomplished the same thing in South Korea thanks to the superb handling by Ms. Dong Lim Lee and Mr Kyoung Soo Shin.  AL is currently the number 1 Bichon in South Korea.

CH Wendan Fights Like a Girl at MusicBox (Addia)
Addia is a full sibling of Al’s and named for a dear friend, Addia Wuchner who is a cancer survivor.